7 Reasons Why Thousands of American Women Are Choosing These Plant-Based Superfoods

The growing awareness and concerns about the foods we eat and the effects it has on our health has significantly increased the popularity of plant-based products, and for a good reason.

With more and more people discovering plant-based protein benefits, it becomes obvious – it’s not only the vegetarians and vegans who are making the shift.

To help you understand how & why plant-based proteins work we’ve compiled a list with 7 reasons explaining why and how thousands of American women are choosing this superfood.

Continue reading the article below and let’s get started with reason number 1.

1. Plant-based Protein Maintains Healthy Digestion & Helps Control the Appetite

A smooth digestion is a lot about the fiber you consume. What happens is that since fibers aren’t really digested, they pass into the intestine where they absorb water.

Without loading us with many calories, fiber help the body get rid of waste, keep your gut heathy and aid digestion.

In addition, foods that are rich in fiber, tend to not only be low in calories, but also low in sugar and fat, thus helping you feel fuller for longer periods of time which reduces the risk of overeating.

Tip: To ensure you are consuming enough fibers go for oats, carrots, beans, nuts and seeds.

2. Plant-based Proteins Help with Weight loss

Not all foods are made equal, so no wonder that you might find yourself in a state of constant snacking, irritated by a never-ending feeling of hunger and with a few extra pounds.

The key is to learn to make the most of every meal. Fibers and proteins are a great help when it comes to satisfying hunger and feeling fuller for longer periods of time. Make sure you balance the ingredients you use, adding enough fibers and proteins into your meals.

Tip: Boost the nutritious value of your meals including seeds and plant-based oils, even if it is plain pasta, you can always spice it with garlic flavored oil and hulled seeds. Click here to see the seeds we recommend.

3. Plant-based Protein is great for the Skin

Air conditioning, pollution and cosmetics are putting a lot of pressure on our skin – dryness, irritation, early aging just to name a few.

Plant-based proteins are rich in Vitamins B1 & B2, which help a great deal when it comes to producing new skin cells and are essential for a healthy radiant skin.

Yet as Vitamins B are water-soluble, most of them are excreted from the body quite quickly. Thus, a constant intake of plant-based proteins is a great way to ensure you aren’t missing on this very vital vitamin that helps your skin from within.

Tip: For beautiful skin, stock your fridge with some peas and fresh fruits such as bananas and oranges. You should also include a variety of nuts in your diet as well.

4. Plant-based Protein Safeguards Bones & Teeth

Plant-based proteins contribute to safeguarding Bones and Teeth in a number of ways. Thanks to such minerals as phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin K, your teeth are kept strong, as well as your bones!

Anything to spare a trip to the dentist, right?

Tip: When low on energy and craving for a quick snack blend yourself a quick smoothie with magnesium rich ingredients such as Bananas and a plant-based protein powder, a both delicious and super healthy snack. Click here to save 10% on your first order.

5. Plant-based Protein Boosts Muscle Grow

No matter what your goal is, athlete or not, we all need muscles to support our body. Such minor thing as good posture is tremendously important – for example without a straight back we can’t even breathe deep enough!

None of this can happen without proper muscle development. Iron, magnesium, amino acids and other minerals are essential building blocks which boost muscle growth.

Plant-based proteins are great at providing your body with all that it needs to improve its muscle function. Note if you do put in the work, but aren’t happy with the results, make sure you are getting enough proteins!

Tip: After a workout, help your body restore and grow new muscle with a blend of well-balanced proteins and carbs. Grab a protein bar or a mix of dried fruit and nuts to have on the go.

6. Plant-based Proteins Help Boost Immunity

Strong immune system is everything. That’s where no compromises can be made.

Our immune system needs proper support, which is ensured by iron and vitamins such as E & C. Additionally, the well-known omega-3 vitamin plays a vital role too. It has great anti-inflammatory properties and supports the functioning of immune cells. Luckily for us, plant-based proteins are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids!  

Tip: Great natural sources for Omega-3 fatty acids are seeds and plant oils, which are super easy to include in so many meals such as salads, soups, stew, pasta or even simple sandwiches. It’s amazing how a spoon of seeds can improve both the taste of the meal as well as its nutritious value.

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7. Plant-based Protein Helps Balance the Hormones

With all the fertilizers and sugars around us, it is especially important to maintain a healthy balance of hormones – they control the development of our body, energy storage, moods and so much more.

Plant-based proteins are great at providing the body with magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 which are great at balancing hormones, so that they can do their job properly.

Tip: Make sure you consume enough of baked beans, chickpeas, and nuts as they are an excellent source of zinc.

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