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Have you been interested in going plant based but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve been plant based for awhile and need to refresh some of your classic recipes! 

Plant Superfoods has got your back. We’ve put together 5 of our teams favorite recipes using simple and healthy ingredients.

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★★★★ Max Wilson
Im not a vegetarian but after watching several documentaries, what the health, I decided that i must include more vegetables into my dishes, so this list is a very good inspiration. I didnt have all the ingredients for smoothies though, i just replaced it with what i had in my fridge and the result was surprisingly good

★★★★★ S. Miller
cool list

★★★★★ Jack L. Johnson
Tried the chili beans things quite good and surprisingly I did not feel hungry for quite long time afterwarfs, which is so not me :)) definitely will make it again

★★★★★ T. S.

★★★ Maggie S.
i don't think sweet things are sweet enough, I had to add more syrup on muffins

★★★★★ John S. T.
I know what to cook tonight, thanks for sharing!

★★★★★ Kate J.  
looks very delicious!

★★★ Maria Sanchez
Gracias, a very good list, I am always lookin for ways to make better meals for my family, especially deserts lol  

★★★★ Mark B
I like the recipes list on the website, it was very convenient when I went grocery shopping. Overall the recipes are quite easy, of course, if you are making muffins, it takes time and effort, it's a bit more complex dish and there is nothing you can do about it. I lacked more ideas on non sweet dishes, but the bean chilli one is a great inspiration, I tried with a few other ingredients and it worked well, so don't be scared to improvise, that enables you to eat the same dish more often without getting tired of it.

★★★★★ C.J.
Got myself these superfoods and they are real good! their onion seeds mix is really great, use it on everything!!

★★★★ Torres P.
Make a longer list the next time ;)

★★★★★ Lisa Anderson
I thought I knew a lot about veg dishes, yet learned a few new, thanks guys!

★★★★ Sarah Simanovic
I hate cooking but these are actually easy a good find

★★★★★ Klockov A.
What more can I say? I am not an expert on protein shakes but these were tasty and i felt rather good afterwards

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