How a Mother of 3 Got Back in Shape by Introducing Plant-based Protein Into Her Diet

“After giving birth to my 3rd son I no longer felt comfortable in my body”, admits this 37-year-old mother from Boston. "

Prioritizing Yourself Takes Practice

Anna’s story is simple and, sadly, all too common. Millions of women around the world struggle to find themselves again after giving birth. Between mood swings from hormonal changes, baby weight, a lack of quality time alone, and disrupted routines it is no wonder mothers feel this way!

It’s not hard to understand why you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror. Emotionally and physically, it can feel like you are someone else.

Being a good parent starts with being a happy person. It is easy to lose track of who you are when you are juggling diapers, crying babies, and piles of laundry. Most moms could use a little more grace and time to take proper care of themselves.

Afterall, parenting is one of the most important jobs on the planet and you can only do a good job when you are happy and healthy.

Addressing your needs, especially emotional ones, can feel selfish at first, especially for mothers with newborns.

“I felt like a hamster running in a wheel. It was so bad that taking a longer shower made me feel guilty, as if I wasn’t taking care of my kids.” Anna’s confession is highly relatable.

Small children do take a lot of energy, that’s true. They must be fed, changed, and comforted and they are great at demanding all of those things.

But finding time to prioritize yourself and your health is just as important as any other aspect of parenting.

Setting the Right Priorities

Your kids’ strongest memories from childhood will not be the squeaky-clean bathroom tiles or a perfectly clean pantry. And the fact is, you cannot do it all nor should you. Mothers are superhumans, but even they have limits.

The key is to set the right priorities. Yes, you have to get up at night when the kids cry and those errands do have to be run, but you and your energy supply need to be a top priority.  

“I was so caught up in my children’s needs, that I completely neglected my own”, says Anna. “And truth be told, I was too tired to make any changes. I was constantly exhausted, it was horrible.”

Getting the Most Out of Your Meals

Most mothers scrutinize over every bite they feed their kids, yet for themselves, they often resort to eating the leftovers, finishing what their kids left on the plate, and grabbing a bite or two in-between the chaos of the day.

It might feel like a no brainer, but so many of us need to be reminded that eating a balanced diet is a priority. But taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to spend hours slaving over the stove.

With the right ingredients, the solution is really simple. Proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers are what your body needs and though that might sound complicated, ingredients with those nutritious elements can be absurdly easy to cook with and add to your daily routine.  

Introducing Plant-Based Protein to Your Meals

Plant-based protein is a superhero of a sort. Study after study acclaims the countless benefits it yields – from lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure regulation to weight loss.  

“My newborn was sensitive to lactose, so I had to ditch all dairy products in my diet. It was devastating. I was hungry and tired and did not know what to eat. February in Boston makes it hard to find local vegetables and those you do find are crazy expensive,” - shared Anna.

Meet Planet Superfood

“I got to talking with my downstairs neighbor, my typical apology for the kids noise. I knew she had an important job and lived a very active lifestyle, so I knew how important quiet and rest must be for her.”

“When she asked how I was doing, I had to admit that things were hard especially with my diet. She gave me a friendly smile and asked if I used protein. At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about.”

“Debra told me about this brand she discovered through an online vegan community. She used Planet Superfood’s organic seed mixes, plant-protein smoothies, and oils every day to add nutrients to her meals.”

Anna, and thousands around the world, have learned that they can fuel their bodies with stuff it needs by simply adding a spoon of plant based oiI and a mix of seeds to their salads. These simple additions can improve the nutritional value of meals tenfold.

So even if a variety of organic vegetables aren’t available, you can make a simple 3 ingredient pumpkin soup, add a spoon of garlic flavored oil, sprinkle some seeds and voilà, you will feel full much longer.

For a quick afternoon bite blend a banana with protein powder and some water or plant-based milk and you will have a super healthy smoothie that will boost your energy and provide you with vitamins and minerals.

Creating a Routine in the Chaos

“It was such a small change to make, but the results are amazing. Planet Superfood caused me to pay attention to what I eat and equipped me to meet my body’s needs in a healthy and easy way.”

“The realization of how important my diet was was a life changer for me and my family. Every day I prioritize taking the time to eat a healthy meal, even when I am by myself. And I added a smoothie drinking ritual to my afternoon. It is the perfect energy boost to get me through the evening and also gives me a moment to gather my thoughts.”

If you have small kids, life is chaotic and that likely won’t change for a quite some time. Sleepless nights spent comforting a teething baby will be replaced by a toddler that empties all the cabinets and is constantly on the run.

But! It is never too late to start taking care of yourself. Find the time to be heathy and energetic. When you eat a balanced diet, you will have the energy to exercise, to enjoy hobbies, and spend time with friends!

Anna needed a simple boost of energy to rediscover herself. As a life-long runner, she started running after putting the kids to bed and got back into the shape. Her body knew what to do, she just needed the mental and physical strength to make the change for her body.

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