Power Up Your Mornings with One Tiny Seed


We all need it.

We act like it's a finite resource but guess what… it's not.

You, my friend, are rechargeable.

If your energy level is equivalent to a sloth on Xanax, I want to let you know life could be much much better.
By adding Hemp seed to your morning routine, you'll reap the benefits of a great natural source of energy.

So whether you blend it up in your smoothies, sprinkle it over your oatmeal, or try one of our MANY delicious recipes, your body will thank you.


Iron is essential to energy levels because:

  • Essential ingredient in transforming oxygen into cells throughout your body
  • Helps in the creation of red blood cells, which play an essential role in reducing fatigue throughout your day
  • May reduce stress and anxiety


Protein provides a sustained slow energy drip to power you through an entire day.

The hemp seed contains 9 essential amino acids and the plant-based protein is well absorbed by our body and work to build and repair cells.


Complex carbohydrates can help you maintain energy throughout your day without a sudden crash

The American Heart Association has said this is because the complex carbohydrates found in this small seed release glucose slowly into the bloodstream (1).

Simple carbs and sugar might pack an immediate punch, but they also leave you crashing way before your to do list is done. Planet Superfood Hemp proteins and seeds provide a slow steady release of energy to get you all the way to the finish line.


One serving of hemp seed contains close to half of the recommended daily dose of magnesium. Why is this important? Because magnesium fights off fatigue and supports healthy bones and muscles, including the most important muscle – Your Heart.

A strong heart leads to higher energy levels and it's not just the magnesium making sure your heart keeps pumping strong. The amino acids found in hemp produce nitric oxide, which makes blood vessels dilate and relax, leading to a reduced risk of heart disease (2).

Let's get back to Magnesium though because we haven't even touched on all this nutrient provides. It also:

  • Helps to regulate the heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • Used by your body to create an essential ingredient (Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP) that breaks down proteins and carbs into pure energy
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Helps make protein, bone, and DNA
  • Works with the neurotransmitter functions in your body to help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Stimulates the release of serotonin which travels to the brain to become melatonin (3).


One of the best ways to function at your peak is to get plenty of sleep at night.

This is often easier said then done.

Stress, anxiety, inflammation, poor health, lifestyle, and so many more things (4) can lead to temporary or chronic insomnia. This then leads to depleted energy levels throughout your day.

Hemp seed contains nutritional components that can help reduce the causes of insomnia.

  • Magnesium and iron have been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties found in this tiny seed can help reduce pain that keeps you up at night (5)

Revitalize your day and regulate your sleep with one tiny but mighty ingredient – HEMP!

Ready to get started on your 30-day beginner's bundle?

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Grab your beginners bundle today (protein & seeds or protein only) to start adding this tiny but mighty superfood to fuel your days and recharge your nights.

Here are the articles where you can fact check the information provided above and discover even more great health benefits of this tiny superfood.

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★★★★ Max Wilson
Im not a vegetarian but after watching several documentaries, like Veritasium guy, I decided that i must include more vegetables into my dishes, so this list is a very good inspiration. I didnt have all the ingredients for smoothies though, i just replaced it with what i had in my fridge and the result was surprisingly good

★★★★★ S. Miller
cool list

★★★★★ Jack L. Johnson
Tried the chili beans things quite good and surprisingly I did not feel hungry for quite long time afterwars, which is so not me :)) definetely will make it again

★★★★★ T. S.

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i don't think sweet things are sweet enough, I had to add more syrup on muffins

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I know what to cook tonight, thanks for sharing!

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looks very delicious!

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Gracias, a very good list, I am always lookin for ways to make better meals for my family, especially deserts lol  

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I like the recipes list on the website, it was very convenient when I went grocery shopping. Overall the recipes are quite easy, of course, if you are making muffins, it takes time and effort, it's a bit more complex dish and there is nothing you can do about it. I lacked more ideas on non sweet dishes, but the bean chili one is a great inspiration, I tried with a few other ingredients and it worked well, so don't be scared to improvise, that enables you to eat the same dish more often without getting tired of it.

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