• How long can I keep my product once opened?

    Hemp food products in pouches are best consumed within 14 days and should be kept refrigerated. Hemp Seed Oil should be stored in the fridge and is best consumed within 4-6 months after opening.

  • Are Planet Superfood product gluten-free?

    Our products are indeed a naturally gluten-free products. However due to cross-pollination possibilities from neighbour crops, we cannot make a true gluten free claim or promise.

  • Is Planet Superfood packaging recyclable?

    As much as would love to have recyclable packaging, it currently is not. We require packaging that is light and air impermeable to protect hemp’s Essential Fatty Acids and to keep the product as fresh as possible—and currently there are no recyclable options available unfortunately. We are actively looking for alternatives.

  • Where are Planet Superfood products made?

    Our products are made in Canada and Europe.

  • Which company produces Planet Superfood products?

    Planet Superfood brand belongs to Allive Europe UAB, an international company. Allive has offices in Edmonton (Canada), Chapel Hill (North Carolina, US), and Kaunas (Lithuania). Learn more about Allive here: www.allive.com

  • Are there any coupons available?

    Scroll down below and get a $5 voucher for your first order!