• Will hemp make me high?

    No. There are no psychoactive ingredients in Industrial hemp. Hemp will not make you high! Just healthy.

  • Is hemp safe for children?

    Absolutely! Hemp is a nutrient-dense food and suitable for children’s’ diets. Hemp is a great way to add in easy nutrition.

  • Is hemp safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

    Yes! Hemp is highly nutritious and can be safely consumed when pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

  • How do hemp hearts compare to other seeds?

    Hemp Hearts are little soft seeds that are similar in taste to sunflower seeds or pine nuts. They do not need to be prepared and are ready to use straight from the pouch—easy-peasy! Hemp Hearts contain twice the amount of protein compared to flax or chia, and they’re lower in carbohydrates. They are healthy sources of a broader spectrum of omegas including the rare GLA.

  • Is there CBD in hemp foods?

    No—hemp foods do not contain CBD. CBD (cannabinoids) are sourced from another part of the plant and are used for medicinal purposes.

  • Are Planet Superfood products irradiated?

    Allive is licensed with Health Canada to receive viable hemp seed from farmers and process it into food products for human consumption. We do not employ any devitalization methods, including irradiation, and simply mechanically dehull the hemp seed into hemp hearts ensuring all of the natural benefits of hemp are maintained. We see the benefits of raw products and seek to maintain these qualities from the farmer and into the consumers hands. The mechanical process of dehulling the hemp seed into hemp hearts is sufficient to ensure no germination is possible this product.

  • How can I tell if a product has gone rancid?

    The product would have a slightly sour odour and taste. Hemp hearts have a nutty taste profile similar to that of sunflower seeds or pine nuts. Anything off would be evident.

  • How long can I keep my product once opened?

    Hemp food products in pouches are best consumed within 14 days and should be kept refrigerated. Hemp Seed Oil should be stored in the fridge and is best consumed within 4-6 months after opening.

  • Are Planet Superfood product gluten-free?

    Hemp is indeed a naturally gluten-free product. However due to cross-pollination possibilities from neighbour crops, we cannot make a true gluten free claim or promise.

  • Is Planet Superfood packaging recyclable?

    As much as would love to have recyclable packaging, it currently is not. We require packaging that is light and air impermeable to protect hemp’s Essential Fatty Acids and to keep the product as fresh as possible—and currently there are no recyclable options available unfortunately. We are actively looking for alternatives.

  • Can I cook with Planet Superfood Hemp Hearts, Super-Seeds or Hemp Seed Oil?

    We recommend avoiding heating Hemp Protein, Hemp Nuts and Hemp Oil to receive all the nutritional benefits of those products. That being said, many people enjoy low-temperature baking with our Hemp Hearts. It is not recommended to heat Hemp Oil.

  • Where are Planet Superfood products made?

    Our smoothie mixes and hemp seed mixes are made in Canada, while hemp oils are made in Europe.

  • Where does the hemp in Planet Superfood products come from?

    We use Canadian and European hemp. Our Canadian products are made from hemp grown in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, while European products are made from hemp grown in Estonia, Poland and Lithuania.

  • Which company produces Planet Superfood products?

    Planet Hemp Superfood brand belongs to Allive, an international hemp company. Allive has offices in Edmonton (Canada), Chapel Hill (North Carolina, US), and Kaunas (Lithuania). Learn more about Allive here: www.allive.com

  • Are there any coupons available?

    Scroll down below and get a $5 voucher for your first order!