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30 Days Protein Bundle & 3 FREE Bags of Seeds

This stuff is so delicious! Seeds are so good in all dishes!

30 Days Protein Bundle & 3 FREE Bags of Seeds
Seeds are amazing

I love these mixes and use it a lot!

Works so well!

I’ve been using this bundle for a few weeks now and I’ve honestly seen such a difference in my energy levels and digestion. Most protein powders make me feel so bloated but this one leaves me feeling full and energized for hours.

All good

Good product


Love it!

The Happiest Customer on Earth

Literally infinite ways to use these hemp hulled hearts... And those smoothies taste awesome. I am very happy that I found this superfood brand :)

Love it, very good set!

vanilla chai is not my favorite but my family likes it :) but other proteins are great we bake with the simple protein, easy to enrich meals

Thanks for help with my order

Very good customer support.

Something for every family member

I bake pancakes with supergreens mix, while my wife absolutely loves vanilla chai smoothie, we add seeds on many dishes.

Wonderful products!

I'm loving these little wonderful seeds. They have a nice rich nutty flavor. Even my 2 year old son enjoys them :)

Makes for a great present

a smart set

its nice to have options and i feel like when i add hemp hearts, the seeds, it gives both more taste and i feel full for longer

Great set

I like that having a variety of protein tastes gives me a choice, I can choose what i feel like a particular day. Thats always good!


I've been using this bundle for about a week and a half now and I LOVE it! I feel amazing and I've lost weight. I honestly wasn't sure if this would even work, but I figured hey it won't hurt, I'm so happy that I did because the results have been so much more than I expected. I can't wait to try more of these products! 💚

I really am enjoying this, it cleanses my whole system while keeping me healthy and also helps curb my eating impulses. Highly recommend to everyone :)

I love this kit, it has everything you’ll need for the 30 day cleanse. It’s so easy to follow, and tastes good, too.

It's easy, tastes very good, it's organic. I’m in love with these products. Thank you!

Delicious way to stwy healthy

Great product! I add some to prety much all my meals and it makes it taste even better :) and i know its healthy, win-win situation.

my recommendation for losing weight!

lost 11 pounds in a month! all I did was drinking hemp protein smoothies in the morning and exercising on daily basis :)

Super Greens Smoothie Bundle
good deal

this is my favorite smoothie mix from planet superfood and it's like 30% cheaper per product when you buy bundle!

Original Protein Smoothie
Emilie Bardot
Highly recommend for athletic vegans

I found this product very suitable to my personal routine. The price for the quantity is more than fair when compared to similar products in the market, but what I searched for was the quality & taste! In my next order => I want a box!

Loved the product

I’ve been using this product almost daily for my vegan smoothies. It turned out to be a great daily source of protein for my diet


I've currently lost 30 pounds in six weeks and hemp oil has proven to be a good addition to my salads and protein shakes for omegas!

Perfect for smoothies

Mint hemp oil adds a great amount of freshness for my smoothies! Love it

4 Smoothies: A Protein Bundle
great bundle!!

this is a good option for morning smoothie fans who love trying different recipes. different smoothie mixes really change the taste. after trying this bundle you will definitely find your favorite one